Lee Bright: Lindsey Graham’s Tea Party Challenger #1


Lindsey Graham (Attribution: Glenn Fawcett [Public domain], via Wikimedia)


Sen. Lindsey Graham — the inarguably conservative Republican from South Carolina — isn’t radical enough for the Tea Party, which has lined-up four primary challengers hoping to dethrone him in 2014: Bill Conner, Nancy Mace, Richard Cash, and state Sen. Lee Bright.

According to a survey conducted in late October by right-leaning pollster Harper Polling, South Carolina voters favor Sen. Bright over the other three Tea Party contenders.  That puts him in second place, behind Graham, in the running for the GOP nomination — albeit, a very distant second place.

Formerly the South Carolina State Chairman for Rep. Michele Bachmann’s failed presidential bid, Lee Bright’s conservative credentials are no secret — a fact he drove-home on Tuesday, when he reportedly attended a fundraiser called “Lindsey Graham’s Retirement Party,” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As reported by People for the American Way, Sen. Bright compared the IRS to the Nazis, said that it’s only “the role of the Church” to take care of the country’s disabled, and ranted about food stamps and immigration reform.

“There’s no other institution in our government that people are more fearful of, is the IRS,” Sen. Bright told the audience.  ”I mean, think about it.  There’s people that are just trying to feed their families, [and] they get that letter — that’s — they’re horrified.  Now, I can understand that in Nazi Germany, [but] not the U.S.  I mean if we could just go back to 1913, and maybe skip that year, ya know?  Not have an income tax.”

Considering the enormous pile of cash at Lindsey Graham’s disposal — about $7 million, according to South Carolina newspaper The State — Lee Bright’s chances in 2014 would seem to be slim.

However, if elected, Sen. Bright told Tea Party propagandist Glenn Beck back in August, he intends to “take the fight to Obama.”  ”Instead of trying to find ways to compromise with someone who is dismantling the foundation of our nation,” he said, “we need to take the fight to him.”

In typical fashion, Beck issued Lee Bright an over-the-top, drama-king warning.  If you get to Washington and take on Obama, Beck told him, “they” (whoever that is), “will bribe you, coerce you, threaten you, [and] threaten your family — I’ve seen it.”