Milton Wolf: White House ‘Harassed My Family’


Pat Roberts/Milton Wolf (Left: USDA photo by Bob Nichols, [CC BY 2.0] via flickr) Right:(via


In Kansas, Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is facing a primary challenge from Milton Wolf — a Tea Partier whose second-cousin is none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

As a columnist for right-wing rag The Washington Times, a frequent guest on Fox News, and now a Senate candidate, Wolf has long used his distant relation to the President for personal gain while simultaneously deriding him as a tyrant.

On Monday, Tea Party Express posted an interview with Wolf in which he lambasted Obama, and then alleged harassment by the White House and the IRS.

Although a person can’t choose their family members, said Wolf, “You can choose to rise up and stop your family from destroying America, and I think Barack Obama is destroying America.  I think Barack Obama is the worst president in our history, and we have got to have the courage to stop him.  Now, I have come out publicly against him.  I have become his most vocal and fiercest critic; the doctor in his own family who opposes Obamacare and all of his statist agenda.”

According to Wolf, he’s faced retaliation from the government as a result of being “one of the few people on this planet” to have stood up to Obama.  ”They’ve harassed me and they’ve harassed my family,” he said, “they’ve sent the IRS after me to harass us; they’ve audited us — which, we had a clean bill of health, by the way.  You know, the White House even tried to get me fired.”

On Obamacare, which he termed “government-run healthcare,” Wolf played the death panels card.  ”It is immoral for a government to get between you and your doctor,” he said.  ”It’s immoral for a government to sit in judgement and determine who shall live and who shall die.”

When it came to his own, personal vision for healthcare reform, Wolf was vague, saying only that he advocates “free market, patient-centered solutions.”

“It’s simple, really,” he continued.  ”Healthcare should be centered around patients, not politicians.”

Milton Wolf has been endorsed by heavy-hitting conservative groups Senate Conservatives Fund and Madison Project.  The Kansas primary election will be held on August 5th.